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No New Posts Rules and Guidelines

Start here for important information about Specularis.

7 7 Hogwarts Professor Handbook
by Kamin Corvidire
Sept 30, 2018 23:07:32 GMT
No New Posts Records and Rosters

Quidditch teams and prefects, special abilities, and other info.

2 2 Special Abilities
by Kamin Corvidire
Sept 15, 2018 4:58:42 GMT
No New Posts Calendar Events

Info on upcoming events.

8 8 Summer Vacation
by Kamin Corvidire
Oct 1, 2018 16:20:32 GMT
No New Posts Character Information

Character application templates, canon characters, and all profiles of existing members.

Sub-boards: Profiles - Applying, Profiles - Adoptable, Profiles - Approved

21 37 Character Application Template
by kayla19932
May 30, 2019 19:16:05 GMT

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No New Posts General Chat

Out-of-character chat about whatever.

7 24 Monster Book of Memes
by Kamin Corvidire
Nov 22, 2018 18:24:35 GMT
No New Posts Art Room

Harry Potter-related visual art, fanfiction, and music. You're welcome to share other people's work as long as you credit and link to them.

1 5 Erumpent Lessons - Illustrated
by Alanza Monterey
Sept 27, 2018 2:23:10 GMT
No New Posts Contests

Eternal glory! That’s what awaits the members who win contests at Specularis. Or maybe just galleons and special items.

1 1 Contest: Write a Traditional Wizarding Song
by Kamin Corvidire
Sept 15, 2018 19:05:26 GMT
No New Posts Advertisements

Guest-friendly forums can post their advertisements here. Proboards sites only.

91 105 Seven Oak Stables
Jul 29, 2019 17:38:29 GMT

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No New Posts Astronomy Tower

The tallest tower at Hogwarts, it provides an excellent view of the castle grounds and the night sky.

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No New Posts Black Lake

Also called the Great Lake, this large body of water is home to merpeople, squids, and more.

1 38 Solemn Tranquility [Open]
by Rosina Carter
Oct 28, 2018 21:52:13 GMT
No New Posts Castle Grounds

Gardens, courtyards, vegetables patches, and lawns all around the castle.

3 47 A Quiet Day [Open]
by Matt Johanson
Jan 18, 2019 20:45:46 GMT
No New Posts Classrooms

From the highest tower to the dungeon chambers, find your class and don't be late!

Sub-boards: Charms, Care of Magical Creatures, Potions, Transfiguration

17 22 Year 1 October Transfiguration
by kayla19932
May 30, 2019 20:22:24 GMT
No New Posts Common Rooms

The house common rooms are located all around the castle, secret except to those in that house.

Sub-boards: Slytherin Common Room, Gryffindor Common Room, Hufflepuff Common Room, Ravenclaw Common Room

1 5 A Long Weekend
by Arriona Sponze
Oct 20, 2018 1:00:56 GMT
No New Posts Dungeons

A stone catacomb of classrooms, storage closets, and seldom-used chambers below the school.

1 1 Witching Hour (open)
by Megara Brown
Nov 30, 2018 0:18:20 GMT
No New Posts Forbidden Forest

A large, dark forest on the grounds of Hogwarts where many weird, wonderful and highly dangerous creatures make their home.

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No New Posts Great Hall

An enormous room with four tables and an enchanted ceiling, the site of all feasts, meals, and many festivities at Hogwarts.

1 11 Mischief Planning
by Rosina Carter
Oct 28, 2018 23:46:19 GMT
No New Posts Hallways

The many corridors of Hogwarts.

2 44 Secret Hunting
by Matt Johanson
Oct 31, 2018 16:31:12 GMT
No New Posts Kitchens

If you know how to get here, the house elves are always willing to give away some extra food to hungry students.

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No New Posts Library

Thousands and thousands of books, all here for you to read at your leisure. Except the ones in the restricted section, of course.

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No New Posts Memorial Courtyard

A cobblestone courtyard overlooked by the enormous clock near the Great Hall. A black obelisk has been placed in the center, engraved in gold with the names of all those who died in the Battle of Hogwarts.

1 4 Once More At The Sky [Open]
by Bambulina Tozzi
Feb 13, 2019 19:24:29 GMT
No New Posts Professors' Offices

Visit your professors here outside class hours, perhaps to ask about extra credit or serve detention.

Sub-board: Professors' Quarters

1 1 Introductions
by Clara Alnilum
Oct 11, 2018 22:36:25 GMT

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No New Posts High Street

Looking for Honeydukes, Zonko's, or Madame Puddifoots? Come to High Street for all your most popular Hogsmeade shopping destinations.

1 2 Memory Lane
by Megara Brown
Oct 28, 2018 18:01:52 GMT
No New Posts Hog's Head Inn

With a less welcoming atmosphere than the Three Broomsticks, Hog's Head is frequented mostly by a select few Hogsmeade locals and the occasional unsavory traveler.

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No New Posts Noble Row

A street of large and very old manors along the river that feeds the Black Lake, owned by some ancient wizarding families.

Sub-board: Sponze Manor

2 13 A Good Hogsmeade Weekends
by Megara Brown
Nov 11, 2018 19:13:03 GMT
No New Posts The Three Broomsticks

This family-friendly pub is a popular destination for Hogwarts students and other tourists. It's always lively and crowded, and there's no better place in Hogsmeade to get a cold butterbeer.

1 19 Home Sweet Home
by Alanza Monterey
Nov 6, 2018 14:40:54 GMT
No New Posts Woodcroft Court

A complex of small one- and two-bedroom flats near High Street, occupied by teachers and other middle-class wizards.

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No New Posts Azkaban

Although dementors no longer roam the hallways, Azkaban is still a prison for the worst magical criminals.

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No New Posts Diagon Alley

The central destination for shopping for all wizards and witches in Britain.

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No New Posts Elsewhere

The world is a big place. Whether you want to visit one of the other wizarding academies around the globe, or take a nice vacation to some faraway destination, or put up your feet at your own home, this is the place to do so.

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No New Posts Grimmauld House

Formerly the headquarters of the Order, Grimmauld Place was repurposed after the war to provide a comfortable loving home to those Hogwarts students who may not have one to return to during holiday breaks.

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No New Posts The Ministry of Magic

An underground building in the heart of London, all nine floors of the Ministry offices bustle with the business of keeping the magical community safe and orderly.

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No New Posts Tinworth

A coastal English village dominated by wizarding families, also home to Shell Cottage.

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No New Posts St. Mungo's Hospital

The only place to go if you're suffering a serious spell-related malady.

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